Samuel Eaton's Day; A Day in the Life of a Pilgrim Boy

Section 2: pp. 21-34

Discussion Director
    Today your job will be Discussion Director. You will read this section of the book, and choose questions for your group to discuss. The question you select whould be interesting and important to the story. Please select: two questions about the characters' actions or feelings; one question comparing and contrasting Samuel Eaton's relationships with his family to your relatinships with your own family; one sequencing question; and one prediction question.

1.Why is Samuel "lagging" behind when he and Robert Bartlett are returning home?

Answer: Samuel is lagging behind because he is very tired from his long day of work. Samuel is worn-out from helping the men with the rye harvest. He did not get enough rest from his nap.

2. Do you think Samuel's father is proud of him? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes, I do think Samuel's father is proud of him. His father tells him that he did a good job of helping, and asks if he would like to keep on helping.

3. In what ways are Samuel's interactions with his family different than your interactions with your family? How are they alike?

Answer: One way that I am like Samuel is that I like to sing songs to my neice, Carli. One way that we are different is that we all help Mom prepare dinner.

4. What do you think will happen to Samuel Eaton "tomorrow"? Why do you think this will happen?

Answer: I think that Samuel will continue to help the men with the rye harvest, until he is old enough to use the sickle himself. He will be a good big brother to Rachel, and to his new little brother or sister. He will probably live in the same area, and start a family of his own.

Passage Picker

    Your job today will be Passage Picker. You will read this section of the book, and select passages that you find especially interesting, descriptive, important, or surprising. Select four passages to discuss with the class. Be sure to include: page and paragraph number; first two words and last two words of the passage; why you chose this passage; a question about the passage; and what was the author's purpose for this passage ( to describe, inform, entertain, pursuade).

1. p.30, para. 1, "There will...with me."
    I chose this passage because it contains further insight into Samuel's home life. He attends school at home, at night. Also, it made me wonder what the watch is. Is Father going hunting, or is he protecting something? I think he is protecting the village. This passage is also suspensful. What does Father want to talk about?
    The author's purpose for this passage was to inform and intrigue.

2. p.32, para. 1, "I watch ...the house."
I picked this passage because it makes me understand how tired Samuel is felling.
The author’s purpose for this passage is to describe how exhausted Samuel is after his first day of work in the fields.
Question: Have you ever felt so tired that you thought you couldn’t go any further?
Answer: Yes, one time in gym class, we had to run a mile. I was so tired that I had to stop and rest.

3. p. 33, para. 2, “It was the frog in the well, humble dum humble dum; And the merry mouse in the mill, tweedle tweedle twino.”
I picked this passage because I think it is a funny little song!
The author’s purpose for this passage is to entertain.
Question: What’s one of your favorite silly songs?
Answer: I really like the song, “Itsy Bitsy Spider”!

Word Wizard

1. mussels
        p. 26, para. 1 "On the way home Robert Bartlett and I stop to gather mussels for the evening meal."
        definition: edible shellfish
        sentence: I like to eat mussels with marinara sauce.

2. bandolier
        p. 30, para. 1 "He puts on his armor, bandolier, and powder flask."
        definition: a strap worn across the chest to carry vials of gunpowder
        sentence: I saw an antique bandolier at the museum.

Character Sketcher

    Your job today is the Character Sketcher. Read this section of the book, and pick an interesting character. On your own, choose three words that describe your characrter. For each word, you must provide proof that the character is really like that. Next, decide what your character's goals are in this story. Then, find a problem that your character faces. Is this problem resolved, how? Also, draw a pictere of your character, being as creative as you wish.

Hard-working because he is busy all day.
Proud of his son, Samuel.
Determined to have a successful harvest this season.
Goal: To have a prosperous rye crop
Problem: Has so much work to do in one day.
Solution: Works very hard to achieve his goals.

Travel Tracer

Your job today is travel tracer. You will create a map or timeline of Samuel's daily events. Be sure to put the events in correct order. Use crayons, markers or colored pencils to decorate your map or timeline.