Bud, Not Buddy
Fifth grade (on level)
Section 3 Chapter 8 (Pages 60-87)

Discussion Director
Instructions: Your job is to write five questions from section 3 of your book.  Question types to use are: Figurative Language, Cause/Effect, Character Goals, MCEOG, and Mood.  Make sure that you prove your answer by giving the page and paragraph number!  Also make sure you give the answer to your question.

Figurative Language
1.  Find a simile.  Tell the two things that are being compared.
answer: "as trapped as a roach under a dishrag".  The two things being compared are Bud and a roach.  p. 61 par. 1

2.  Tell one thing that happened and give reasons why it happened.
answer: Bugs and Bud have to wash dishes in Hooverville (effect) because they have to pitch in to be able to stay there (cause). p. 69 par. 1

3.  How do you think that the author wanted you to feel when you finished reading ch. 8?
answer:  I think that he wanted you to feel sorrowful and somber for the people in the Hooverville.

Character Goals


Passage Picker
Instructions:  Your job is to choose 4 passages from section 3 of this book.  The types of passages to choose are:
Frightening, Historical, Important, and Intriguing.  Write down the page and paragraph number of the passage, the first and last two words of the passage, and the reason you chose this passage (make sure you explain why!).  Then, ask a question about your passage and give an answer.  Finally, write down the author's purpose (to descibe, to entertain, to inform, or to persuade).

Passage 1-Frightening/Figurative Language
Page 60, paragraph 1
"Something stepped...a dishrag!"
I chose this passage because it is very suspenseful, and also because it contains a simile.
Question: Identify the simile in tis passage.  What two things are being compared?
Answer: "I was as trapped as a roach under a dishrag!"  It is comparing Bud and a roach.
Author's purpose: To describe

Passage 2-Historical
Page 66, paragraph 10
"The mouth...anything else."
I chose this passage because of the historical reference to Hoovervilles and President Hoover.
Question: Why were they called Hoovervilles?
Answer: Because President Hoover worked to make sure that every city had one of these makeshift cities.

Passage 3-Important
Page 72, paragraph 11

Passage 4-Intriguing
Page 85, paragraph 5

Word Wizard
Instructions: Your job is to write down 4 words: hoodlum, Hooverville, orphanange, and shack.  Then write down the page and paragraph numbers each word is found in.  Copy the sentence from the book in which the word appears.  Then, look up the word in the dictionary and, using your context clues and the dictionary definition, write down in your own words the definition of the word.  Next, write down the correct part of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb).  Make up a question and the answer or a sentence about the word that would help you to teach the word to your group.  Finally, make your word wizard card.  On the card, be sure to include in large print your word and the page and paragraph number.  On the other side of your card, include a picture, the word, and the definition.

1.  hoodlum-page 62, paragraph 10
"They even said I was a hoodlum."
The Amoses thought Bud was a hoodlum because he caused trouble.

2.  Hooverville-page 66, paragraph 10
"Naw, son, what you're looking for is Hooverville, with a v, like in President Herbert Hoover."
Definition-cities that were set up during the Depression for people who did not have anywhere to live.
Many people lived in "cities" called Hoovervilles during the Depression.

3.  orphanage-page 73, paragraph 8

4.  shack-page 78, paragraph 7

Character Sketcher
Instructions: Your job is to do a character sketch of Bugs based on the third section of the book.  You will find 3 character traits that describe him, and prove it by giving an example, including the page and paragraph number.  Then, you will tell one of his goals.  The next task you will do is to find one of his problems in this section and the solution or possible solution to the problem.  Finally, you will illustrate Bugs.

Character Traits/Proof (3)
1.  adventurous-when he is going to hop trains to get out west. p. 62 par. 1
2.  friendly-when he and Bud spit-shake and become "brothers". p. 63 par. 7
3.  deceiving-when he tricks Bud by saying "Heads I win, tails you lose." p. 65 par. 8

Character Goal
To get on the train to go west.

Cops are blocking the train and won't let the men hop the train.

The solution to this problem is to get around the cops and get on the train anyway.

Instructions: Your job is to dig up some background information on the Depression, and in particular, Hoovervilles.  Be sure to include web links, books, etc., whatever you find is most helpful.  Also be sure to tell how it is significant to the book, Bud, Not Buddy.

This website discusses a book titled Riding the Rails, Teenagers on the Move During the Great Depression.  This relates to the book because Bud and Bugs are trying to ride the rails to go west.

This website relates to the book because it contains information from a museum in Michigan, and the book takes place in Flint, MI.

This website includes photographs and information on Hoovervilles during the Depression.

This website lists a definition for Hoovervilles.

This website gives information on all aspects of the Great Depression, such as the New Deal, Hoovervilles, the Dust Bowl, etc.