Fourth Grade

Physical Characteristics

  During fourth grade students are around the age of 9 and are going through a variety of changes. This is a very critical time in the development of children. In this section we will highlight some of the most common characteristics for this age.


  In this stage students begin to develop more advanced problem solving skills and are able to handle more concrete concepts.  Children start to gain independence by making decisions on their own and coming up with their own ideas. Some of the most common characteristics are listed below.

Social and Emotional Characteristics

  This section contains a wide range of information surrounding likes and dislikes of fourth graders. Understanding this aspect of development is most helpful when dealing with this age on a daily basis. Listed below are important characteristics found among fourth graders.

* The following information was collected by surveying a fourth grade class in the fall of 2000

    Favorite Books

    Favorite Movies     Music     Hobbies

Teacher Tips

    The most important tip is to have an overall awareness of the characteristics listed above. A great activity to allow students to share about themselves would be a "Me Map".  Encourage students to keep journals that include their thoughts, actions, and feelings through out the year.  Be aware that this is not the most difficult stage to deal with children so don't over analyze their actions.  Although they may believe that they need minimal supervision it is important to their development that they feel secure.  Children are fun at this age and they need teachers who can support that.


by: Casey York and Kate Quigley 

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